Miller Marshall

3D, Animator, Motion Graphics



I am motion graphic designer with a passion for lively, expressive and refined animation, with captivating colours and detailed compositions. I strive to create visually impressive motion graphics, that engage and communicate. My work uses cameras, lights and 3D layers to push the capabilities of Adobe After Effects, and build depth and detail. I have a strong love of music, and always pay close attention to audio cues and music when building motion graphics.

I spent three years at SBS, working on a daily news and current affairs show called The Feed, where I grew accustomed to tight deadlines and quick turnarounds, while creating motion graphics for various topics in a broadcast environment. A design brief received in the morning would usually go to air that same evening. I had a lot of creative freedom to interpret the graphic requests or writers and producers, to both design and animate a final sequence, whether it be part of a fully graphic environment, motion text and imagery tracked over live footage, or a some sort of combination of the two. Even though it was a broadcast design position, the range of creative styles and techniques used in the different topics on the show could be applied to advertising and production design situations.


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