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Matthew Chang – UAV Aerial Video Operator.
Matthew Chang flies Aerial Filming Octocopters and is the Chief UAV Controller. With 34 years of experience constructing and flying model aircraft he has the ability to position the octocopter wherever you desire to achieve angles and camera moves you never thought possible.

Operating between zero and 400 feet and up to 60km/h, the Octocopters are custom designed & developed in-house to carry professional cinema cameras including the Red Epic, Sony FS700, Canon C100-500 & 5D and the Black Magic. State of the art camera stabilization systems and remote control recording, zoom and follow focus can be utilized if required with HD vision sent to multiple remote monitors on the ground.

Matt attained his Commercial Pilot’s License in 1989 and has a degree in industrial design from UTS. By combining his skill in these areas Matt has collaborated with business partner & camera operator, Peter Maruncic, to successfully develop and innovate Octocopter and Gimbal systems. With a design focus on safety, reliability and high tech control, the result is the design of an industry best UAV built to obtain super smooth, high quality digital footage in most weather conditions.

Matt has over 2000 flights under his belt and holds a CASA Operators Certificate and Chief UAV Controller Certificate.

CASA Operators Certificate: 1-UTVJ9-01
Peter Maruncic – UAV Aerial Video Operator.
Peter Maruncic is a UAV aerial video operator who is passionate about providing the film industry with a UAV aerial video product second to none. Always prepared, professional and committed to safety, Peter achieves smooth, creative shots and where required can help expand your scope of what you thought possible with UAV aerial video.

Imagine arriving at location, being set up in just minutes, carrying cinema grade cameras and filming shots normally achieved with a crane, boom, and heli or combining these methods to achieve shots not previously thought possible. With 360 degree camera freedom separate from the main copters controls, taking your shoot to the next level.

Over 2000 flights at the camera gimbal’s controls and more than 25 years experience building, developing and piloting remote control aircraft allows Peter with business partner UAV Pilot Matthew Chang to develop in-house custom built octocopters and gimbal systems that are at the forefront of UAV and 3 Axis stabilised gimbal technology.

Peter has on hand, 4 Octocopters that range in size and can carry up to 6Kg of camera and lens combination including red cameras with zeiss ciné lenses – all available to view live via a low latency HD downlink so live broadcast is even possible.

Pete holds a CASA Operators Certificate and is certified as Chief Maintenance Controller.

CASA Operators Certificate: 1-UTVJ9-01
Together Matt & Peter have a long list of clients including, Toyota, Porsche, Audi, BHP, Lottery West, Flume (musician), Fitness First and many more.


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