Brooke Lagana

Wardrobe, Producer, Production Manager



BROOKE LAGANA (BFA-Film, Television & New Media Production) with her half-business-half-creative brain, has carved a niche career in Creative Producing. Coupling her knack for creative problem solving, networking and people skills with her natural gift of communicating and story telling. Alternating between her Director and Producer hat, she creatively guides crew to deliver visually stunning and on-brief content, whilst ensuring logistic and financial feasibility. Her objective is to creative beautiful, memorable and shareable content- favouring charitable and educative stories. She encourages a highly collaborative process between client and crew in production and on set, and is deeply passionate about supporting women in film. A country girl at heart, she is a human welfare and animal rights activist and believes that through the power of film we can create a better educated and more compassionate world.


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